by Chelsea Johansen

home sweet home July 30, 2012

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just got home from bigfork, montana.

it feels great to be reunited with my animals and my bed!

but anyways,

during this vacation

i was privileged to photograph my first wedding!!

it was extra special

because it was my uncle’s wedding.

i documented the bachelorette party,

the rehearsal, the wedding,

and the reception.

tomorrow i will start editing the hundreds of photos i took

since they have to be done by august 5th.

but for now,

im relaxin’!


another fishing story July 19, 2012

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this is not a post related to art, i know,

but it is a funny story i’d like to share.

last night i went fishing with my boyfriend and one of my friends.

i was recently given a fishing pole,

i won’t say by who,

and wanted to try it out for the first time.

as i made my first cast of the night

the pole snapped in half in mid air.

i was disappointed, but decided to hold onto my line which was still out in the water.

i didn’t think i would catch anything,

let along feel anything,

since i was just holding the line with my hands.

lo and behold,

a minute later i felt a fish,

quickly jerked the line, and reeled in a 10in. trout!

mind you,

this was only my 3rd time ever fishing!

the rest of the evening i fished with a broken pole,

only a sinker and a hook,

and some poorly and improperly tied knots.

after two hours i ended up with two fish.

boyfriend caught one.

friend caught zero.

i’m considering a career in fishing now.

just kidding.


my evening in photos July 18, 2012

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last night was the art walk!

there was not a flood of spectators

like i hoped,

but it was a good experience

and i was able to show my work to non-friends and family,

which was a first!

i got a lot of good feedback

and i’m feeling inspired to start painting again!

here are some photos of my display.


support July 16, 2012

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today i picked up a newspaper for the art walk.

i was surprised to see that mr. sorensen,

the owner of the building that my art is displayed in,

put in an ad.

he generously included my name!

(even though it’s spelled wrong :P)

i cannot explain how much i appreciate his help.

he’s let me take over two rooms of his office,

and offered to buy food for the reception!

this means so much to me because it is the first time i am getting my work out there.

without the generosity of local business owners,

what would artists do!


first art walk July 13, 2012

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yesterday i set up my first ever art exhibit!

from today until next saturday, the 21st, my paintings are on display in the pullman art walk.

this is the first time the public will see any of my work so i am very excited and nervous.

here is one of my pieces that will be on display

if you’re in town come down to pioneer insurance on grand ave.

my reception is this tuesday from 5-8pm

id love to see you there!