by Chelsea Johansen

another fishing story July 19, 2012

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this is not a post related to art, i know,

but it is a funny story i’d like to share.

last night i went fishing with my boyfriend and one of my friends.

i was recently given a fishing pole,

i won’t say by who,

and wanted to try it out for the first time.

as i made my first cast of the night

the pole snapped in half in mid air.

i was disappointed, but decided to hold onto my line which was still out in the water.

i didn’t think i would catch anything,

let along feel anything,

since i was just holding the line with my hands.

lo and behold,

a minute later i felt a fish,

quickly jerked the line, and reeled in a 10in. trout!

mind you,

this was only my 3rd time ever fishing!

the rest of the evening i fished with a broken pole,

only a sinker and a hook,

and some poorly and improperly tied knots.

after two hours i ended up with two fish.

boyfriend caught one.

friend caught zero.

i’m considering a career in fishing now.

just kidding.


One Response to “another fishing story”

  1. Nick Gourlie Says:

    I guess we can’t all be pros like you Chelsea

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