by Chelsea Johansen

work work work August 16, 2012

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im geekin’ out a little

so please forgive me!

but i am so excited to start working!

i went from having no job to potentially having two jobs!!

working in an art gallery was never something i really thought about.

but now that i will be

i could not be more thrilled!

seeing new art come through every few weeks or so

will be exhilarating!

(yea, i really am an art nerd!)

and i even heard that i will be overseeing

warhol’s and rauschenberg’s this fall!!!

ok, so yes, i am only a gallery attendant,

but that means hours of staring at these famous pieces!

what more could a girl want!

and then there’s the second potential job.

the school newspaper.

i have my first assignment tomorrow morning

to go photograph wsu’s convocation.

if all goes well with my first 4 shoots

ill be on the team!

i only wish i had sought out these jobs before my senior year.

this year i expect nothing other than:

eat, sleep, work, and make art!!!

Image © The Ink Society all rights reserved


One Response to “work work work”

  1. Nick Gourlie Says:

    I think the only other job a girl might want is one where she could be on Facebook all day. (But I think you can get away with that at the gallery so double score for you)

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