by Chelsea Johansen

the finished product September 12, 2012

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it was critique day in my painting class.

it felt like judgement day

standing up there vulnerable to everyone’s opinions.

after explaining my process and thoughts behind the work,

i was surprised to find that people actually liked my piece.

one student even said she loved it and wouldn’t change a thing!

that reassurance calmed my nerves.

i recall writing in my first post about this painting that i didn’t care whether people liked it or not.

that is true,

but it felt great knowing that someone liked something i felt so hesitant about.

suggestions were made,

mostly about how to display it

or even take the aggression of it a step further.

i’m not sure if i am totally done with it

or if i should keep painting or ripping at it.

what do you think?

(i promise i’ll get a better photo soon; it’s hard to see all of the colors & tones right now)


4 Responses to “the finished product”

  1. kerry johansen Says:

    Chelsea, way to go! I know this was a difficult piece for you, but it turned out beautifully! You are soooo talented, honey….don’t be so hard on yourself.

  2. Deborah - d.mooncrab Says:

    I think you should add or leave anything you please to your piece. There are many criterias one has in mind when shopping for an art piece, like the room it will be in, the tone, size, mood they are looking to create.. So there is a match opportunity for your piece either way. I like the color tones that you use and the way it blend right now..

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