by Chelsea Johansen

cell phone art? October 7, 2012

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on this beautiful fall sunday my boyfriend and i walked around town

while we waited for a table to open up at a little breakfast place.

we stopped in at a small art gallery that i have been wanting to go to.

the exhibit was great.

paintings, mixed media, video,

the works.

until i stopped to look at a photograph.

my eyes widened and my mouth dropped open.

in this photo i could see the faint reflection of the photographer.

and. her. iphone.

i was shocked and quite frankly pissed to see her using her cell phone

to take these photos that hung in a nice fine art gallery.

i have learned over the last four years of taking art history classes

that art can be anything you call art.

it can be a single line on a piece of paper,

it can look like something a kindergartner made.

as long as you label it as art,

it is just that.

but as an aspiring photographer,

i could not help but be sincerely ticked off.

why am i bothering to learn all of the tricks of the trade

if i can just use my cell phone!

let alone spend my money on expensive equipment!

the reason i wanted to write about this is because

i want to know if anyone else feels the same way as me.

if you don’t, tell me why.


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