by Chelsea Johansen

furniture recycle October 14, 2012

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the bf and i went out to a local pumpkin patch this afternoon to get a few pumpkins to decorate.

i was hoping to write this blog after decorating my pumpkins so i could show them off,

but it wasn’t a real pumpkin patch 😦

this farm had pumpkins shipped in and laid on the ground….


so i just got a small one to be my cat’s pumpkin,

which i’ll decorate later

(yea, i am a crazy cat lady).

they were supposed to have a corn maze as well which i was excited for.

but this is how the corn maze turned out:

it was apparently ruined by the weather

…it hasn’t rained or been windy since june…

now i know,

western washington does halloween 1,000 times better!!

it was a little disappointing,

until i saw this beauty

and the best part was that she was only $35!!!

all wood and ready for me to re-purpose.

i’m probably going to put a cool wallpaper on the top

and maybe repaint some of it.

when i go back to seattle i’ll try to re-sell it.

shouldn’t be hard because it has storage and is super cute!

even sassy loves it.


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