by Chelsea Johansen

chevron table November 13, 2012

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i apologize,

i have been so busy the last couple weeks i have neglected my blog!

but i’m back with a finished project!

a few weeks ago i purchased this cute little table that was in rough shape.

it’s hard to see,

but the paint was uneven and the whole thing was covered in dirt and dust.

so i started by wiping off all of the dirt

and then used a spray paint primer.

after a nice coat of primer,

i went at it with a fresh white spray paint.

then it was time to tackle the top.

i absolutely love chevron patterns.

little did i know, however, it would be so hard to paint!

after some trial and error i taped off a decent pattern.

after i taped it all off i was informed that blue tap was not the best and it tends to bleed…

i tried to rectify that by painting a clear medium

(normally used for my fine art paintings)

along the edges of the tape.

this should stop paint from bleeding

and create crisp lines.

then i mixed up some house paint i had lying around with acrylics to get the right color.

once it dried it was time to tear off the tape!

well, my trick didn’t work.

the paint bled pretty bad.

and i still had to free hand the rest of the chevrons…

to complete the top i used a foam brush because of its straight edge.

much easier than using a regular paint brush.

after a few more days it was finally done!!!

i’m fairly happy with it now.

it’s not perfect but it looks cute.

maybe one day i’ll go back and paint the inside of it lime green too.


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