by Chelsea Johansen

chunky monkey {chocolate peanut butter shake} November 19, 2012

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i realize that this blog has become about more than art.

and i’m ok with that!

i enjoy sharing my experiences and little projects,

and now, i’ll share a recipe for a drink i absolutely love!

it’s called a chunky monkey shake.

over the last month and a half,

this drink has become my breakfast every day,

and i am somehow not sick of it yet!

i believe this too, is responsible for helping me lose a little weight;

it is a solid breakfast with lots of protein and some calories to get me energized in the morning.

it is also great for early mornings to take on the go!


1 cup chocolate milk

1 medium banana

1 tbs peanut butter

5 ice cubes for a thicker shake or 6 ice cubes for a thinner one

*makes 20 oz.

throw all of the ingredients in a blender

and tah-dah!

a yummy shake!

i usually need solid foods to fill me up for breakfast,

but this tides me over for a few hours.

and it’s like having a chocolate (healthy) shake every morning!


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