by Chelsea Johansen

body paintings January 8, 2013

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yesterday was my last first day of school


i have one more semester of college and i’ll be thrust out into the “real” world.


i can’t wait to graduate,

but i savor every last experience before it all becomes a distant memory

of which i’ll reminisce one day.


this semester i will be taking advanced painting,

which is essentially a graduate student course!

this means that i can work freely on my own projects

and get critiqued whenever i need it.

i want to focus on doing a complete body of work this semester

instead of individual projects.

my idea is to do a series of paintings that are made with different parts of my body.

i was inspired to do this when i took a 20th century art history class.

one of the women we looked at, janine antoni, i believe it was, painted with her hair.

i have been wanting to do this for a long time

and think it would be a different and exciting experience being a part of the painting,

as opposed to being distanced by a paint brush.

and it’s a great excuse to get messy!!

stay tuned for updates and photos of works in progress.

janine antoni 1993


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