by Chelsea Johansen

new snow photos January 24, 2013

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last weekend i dug out my camera after over a month break.

the photography class i took in the fall really discouraged me from photographing.

i needed a break for a bit.

and i was plenty busy over christmas!

but i couldn’t avoid taking photos any longer.

at least not when there was snow on the ground!!

pullman in the snow is absolutely beautiful!

rolling white hills in every direction.

here are a few photos i captured before my battery died 😦




they didn’t turn out as great as i hoped.

a little rusty i suppose.

but shooting these photos made me remember why i love photography,

especially landscapes.

check out more of my photography here!

updates on my current painting project will be up soon!


2 Responses to “new snow photos”

  1. there not actually that bad.. what do you do for post processing?? or do you do any in camera processing? a little contrast and vibrance would add a lot of color..

  2. cjohansen7 Says:

    Thank you! I very quickly adjusted the curve, warmed them up, and saturated the blues. They could use some more work. I usually do a little and come back to them after a couple days for a fresh look. Thanks for checking out my blog!!

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