by Chelsea Johansen

hair painting January 30, 2013

i am very excited to say that i made my first piece of my “body” series today!!

the first of at least 5 works was painting with my hair using india ink.


i had to buy 20 2.5 oz. bottles of india ink

(because that’s the only size i could find)

to ensure my hair would be totally soaked.

this was the first time i have used india ink so i thought the consistency of it would be thicker.

turned out i bought way more than i really needed because it was quite thin

(all well, i want to make another one anyways!).

instead of using canvas like i usually do,

i bought a 10 yard roll of arches paper and had it shipped to my house.

paper is something i have never worked on,

but i thought the ink would sit better on paper than canvas.

i measured out 8 feet of paper and got to work!

(p.s. i know how awful i look. it was a messy job!)










and done!


the final product!

i am sooo happy with how it turned out!

i thought about going over it a second time, but i think it looks perfect just how it is.

all it needs is to be framed,

which may cost a small fortune.

especially if i decide to do another 🙂


and then came the cleanup process.

i was sure the ink would come out of my hair,

but it took a lot longer than expected….


my hair after one wash…


it started to turn a little green and gray.

so i went home and shampooed it 4 more times

and it’s almost all gone.

thank goodness!!


if you have comments, suggestions, etc. i would love to hear!


4 Responses to “hair painting”

  1. This is SO GREAT! Extremely creative and beautiful! Love it.

  2. Craig Johansen Says:

    Chelsea, I just love the final product!….watching your progress was very interesting & fun…get an estimate on framing & let me know…love, Dad

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