by Chelsea Johansen

hair painting follow up February 2, 2013

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i hung up my hair painting yesterday and it looks great!

much better on the wall than on the ground.


i just need to decide how i want to hang it.

framing it would look the best, in my opinion,

but it would cost a fortune.

if anyone has ideas i would LOVE to hear them!

the only thing is that i don’t want it to have an asian feel.

it does a little already because of the medium and because it looks a scroll,

so the way i hang it is key.


i decided to play around with the india ink yesterday

and this is what became of it.

india ink is really hard to paint with.

if you make a section too dark there’s no going back.

you can also see the brush strokes like water color.

this once again goes to show, i do not do realistic pieces!



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