by Chelsea Johansen

is it spring yet? February 9, 2013

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i’ve been itching for spring to come!

warm weather, sunshine, and flowers!!

sadly, it’s still snowing here in washington

so i found a way to make spring come early,

and indoors.

they’re called paperwhites!

i know, a lot of people already know about or have these in their homes,

but i’m young and have only been on my own for 4 years,

so i’m still getting into the whole home decor thing.

i bought mine from amazon.

they were really inexpensive and good quality

(which surprised me).

i planted some in this clear vase that is now sitting on the back of my toilet 😛


i put rocks in the bottom for the roots to grab onto,

and i love being able to see them.


once they grew tall enough i tied a ribbon around two so they would stay together and upright.

pretty cute i think.


i also planted some in blue mason jars to put in our other bathroom.

as my friends know, i am totally obsessed with mason jars,

so this was another great way to use them!



i had a lot more bulbs, but sadly found out that they are poisonous to cats…

my bad

(don’t worry, kitty is fine).

i had my other bulbs in my kitchen sitting on top of jars just like this.

i loved this idea because you can watch the roots grow unobstructed.

and i just got bottles at a thrift store for about a dollar each!

hopefully this will give you some inspiration for bringing the outdoors inside

and starting spring a little early.


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