by Chelsea Johansen

happy valentine’s day February 14, 2013

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happy valentine’s day everyone!

i know a lot of people, not just single people,

don’t like valentine’s day.

even if you’re in a relationship it seems like everyone is competing to out-do other couples.

kind of ridiculous,

but just remember that today is a day to remind those in your life that you love them!

and it’s a day to count your blessings!

i know i am!

i was woken up this morning by the boyfriend who had a rose in his mouth

and a bouquet and chocolate on the dinning table.

i was also surprised to see that nick’s submission to our university’s facebook page about how we met

had been posted!

the school wanted stories about how couples had met at WSU

so nick wrote up a little thing.

here’s what he wrote:

“Not only was Pullman the place where my parents met, but I also met my wonderful girlfriend, Chelsea Johansen, here at WSU. In spring semester of Sophomore year we met in an art class and also found out that we had an art history class together as well. Over the course of the semester we got to know each other better seeing as we saw each other every day and eventually I started to really like her. I’ve never had too much confidence when it came to asking women out, but when I found out she was into trucks and guns, I figured I shouldn’t let this one slip by so I finally built the courage. Now we have been dating for almost two years, and she is my love and inspiration. I’m positive she’s the one for me! Go Cougs!”

click here to see the post

 _DSC0101-2 _DSC0102-2


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