by Chelsea Johansen

my animals February 28, 2013

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i realized that i haven’t shared a huge part of my life on my blog yet,

and that is my animals!

my whole life i have been an animal lover.

there hasn’t been a single day that i haven’t had at least one pet.

so let me introduce you to my two loves who reside with me at school!


ginger is my mom’s horse,

but she was nice enough to let me keep her in pullman for my junior and senior year

(mom knows she’ll keep me busy and out of trouble :P).

ginger and i barrel race and do western gaming,

but she’s aging,

so once we get back home she’ll become mom’s halter show horse.

she’s one of the sweetest horses i’ve ever known and will let anyone ride her.

maybe she’ll even be my kids’ horse one day!


then there’s:


my little devil.

her cuteness is deceiving.

she’s curious about everything and will get into everything!

as soon as we get a box in the mail she claims it as hers and spends the rest of the day inside of it.

i cannot take enough pictures of her

so here are a few.


maybe i was wrong…

she likes to get into everything except pumpkins 😀

and the strange thing loves to go on road trips and sit in the back seat.


i doubt i’m the only animal enthusiast out there!

how many pets do you have?

do they have funny quirks like sassy?


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