by Chelsea Johansen

to keith March 1, 2013

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today i finished a piece.

not because i planned to or because i necessarily wanted to.

i went to my painting class this morning ready to work on a couple of projects,

including my eyelash painting.

and then i received some devastating news;

the curator of the wsu museum, and one of my mentors, keith wells, had died last night.

i was completely shocked considering i see him almost every day.

i looked at my paintings and wanted to go home. to not be around art. to not be there.

 but then i thought,

keith would want me to keep working.

if i saw him in the halls today he would ask me how i was, make a joke,

and would be proud of the work i was doing.

so i put on mascara and with watery eyes made my last few marks.

the tears in my eyes stained the paper and made the mascara bleed.

and then i knew it was done.

those last marks were the exact thing that this piece needed to be complete.

i originally planned to keep working on it until the whole paper was almost black.

but i’m glad i stopped today.

it gives the work more meaning that i thought it would ever have.

and i love it.

here’s to you keith






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