by Chelsea Johansen

abstraction, color, & joan mitchell April 11, 2013

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the other night i watched a film for an art history class

called joan mitchell: portrait of an abstract painter.

it was originally a source for paper i have to write,

but i became so inspired while watching i wanted to leave my comfy bed and go to the studio.

at 9 o’clock at night!

i haven’t had that feeling in a very long time!

i didn’t go to the studio that night,

but i went in the next morning ready to work.

and with color!

as you have seen i have been working with mostly black and white for the last few months,

and after seeing joan mitchell’s magnificent color i had to get my hands on it!


this is the piece that really inspired me.

i love the contrast of purple and yellow and orange

and wanted to try out those colors myself.

here is my version so far:


i haven’t finished quite yet but this is how it’s coming along.

it will look much better once it’s complete and off of the floor!

i highly recommend the film and if you like abstract art at all i think you’ll like it.

to see a trailer you can click here and it will take you to

sadly, i couldn’t find it anywhere for free,

but you can rent it for $3 on amazon.


3 Responses to “abstraction, color, & joan mitchell”

  1. stevenzelnio Says:

    this is good! I like the idea of realism through the use of abstract, or very direct mark. Allowing one stroke sit until you decide to add another single stroke is a hard thing to do for me because of how I was trained to paint. (if you don’t know already) You should check out Andrew Salgado, or Elbow Toe.

    • cjohansen7 Says:

      Thank you! Yes, I know abstraction and non-representational art can be very difficult for people; just like realism is difficult for me 🙂 I have not heard of Salgado or Toe but I just googled their work and love Salgado! His work is beautiful. And Toe, that’s some impressive street art!

  2. […] i just wanted to share an update on the purple and yellow abstract piece i posted about last […]

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