by Chelsea Johansen

is it spring yet? February 9, 2013

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i’ve been itching for spring to come!

warm weather, sunshine, and flowers!!

sadly, it’s still snowing here in washington

so i found a way to make spring come early,

and indoors.

they’re called paperwhites!

i know, a lot of people already know about or have these in their homes,

but i’m young and have only been on my own for 4 years,

so i’m still getting into the whole home decor thing.

i bought mine from amazon.

they were really inexpensive and good quality

(which surprised me).

i planted some in this clear vase that is now sitting on the back of my toilet ūüėõ


i put rocks in the bottom for the roots to grab onto,

and i love being able to see them.


once they grew tall enough i tied a ribbon around two so they would stay together and upright.

pretty cute i think.


i also planted some in blue mason jars to put in our other bathroom.

as my friends know, i am totally obsessed with mason jars,

so this was another great way to use them!



i had a lot more bulbs, but sadly found out that they are poisonous to cats…

my bad

(don’t worry, kitty is fine).

i had my other bulbs in my kitchen sitting on top of jars just like this.

i loved this idea because you can watch the roots grow unobstructed.

and i just got bottles at a thrift store for about a dollar each!

hopefully this will give you some inspiration for bringing the outdoors inside

and starting spring a little early.


baby shower! December 23, 2012

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this morning i went to a baby shower for my cousin

and wanted to share a couple of the things my mom and i made.

here’s a cute banner i made for baby weston.

great shower decoration and it will go over his changing table when he arrives!


my mom made his first christmas tree full of pacifiers, toys, bibs, and more!


she also made little babies out of diapers, socks, and wash cloths.


fun day with great family!

can’t wait for the little guy to get here!

on another note,

after working on another spray painting project

i decided to make my mark in my mom’s yard.


i’ve always wanted to get in to street art…lol.


p.s. my mom is a husky (BIG rivalry)


wood stain update & finished wood block December 11, 2012

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a while ago i posted about a diy vintage wood stain

(which you can see here).

i was so excited to try the wood stain on the edges of a wood block print,

which also happens to be a christmas present for my sister!

i did what the directions said.

combine coffee grounds, steel wool, and white vinegar,

and let sit for at least 24 hours.

the result:


gross looking, huh?

and it didn’t even work ūüė¶

not sure why;

i may have gotten a kind of steel wool that didn’t react well.

this is the slight difference it made after 3 coats:


the top picture has such a defined line

because the stain would not adhere to the wood where a paper label was attached when it was packaged.

so, the type of wood you choose (and how it’s packaged)¬†will make a difference as well.


quite the bummer, but i did salvage the project.

i painted the edges with an off white acrylic.

and let nick do his magic applying the photo to the wood!

here’s the end result:



it’s supposed to look a little vintage and torn up,

which i love,

especially with the right photo, like this!

one christmas present down!

i’ve got another project update on the way,

but probably can’t get it up tomorrow

because i’m going home for christmas!!


diy vintage wood stain November 29, 2012

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i was browsing pinterest a while ago

(what’s new)

and came upon a tutorial for making your own vintage wood stain

at home heart craft.

it looks super easy;

all you do is mix vinegar, coffee grounds, and steel wool,

let it sit over night and then rub on your wood surface.

i am going to try it on the edges of a wood block print that my boyfriend, nick, makes.

like these.

(see his post on wood block printing here)

you can use any photo you want,

and they’re great christmas presents!

i’ll be back soon with my finished piece and steps so you can do it yourself!


back-lit holiday canvas November 25, 2012

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with the holidays quickly approaching i wanted to make something to decorate our apartment.

i have been seeing back-lit canvases on the internet and thought it was a great idea.

so here is my attempt at one,

and the process.


canvas {from michael’s; mine is 24″ x 24″}

letter and star stickers {also from michael’s}

spray paint

battery powered christmas lights {and batteries}


measure out three horizontal lines on the canvas so words are straight

and put two faint marks at the top and bottom to indicate the center of the canvas

place letters on measured lines

{my letters wanted to come up so i put magazines on top over night}

put stars in desired places

evenly spray paint the canvas

{i did two coats}

thumb tack christmas lights to edges of canvas

and attach battery pack

all done!

not bad for a first try.

i want to find brighter christmas lights, however,

to better illuminate the words and stars.

i also recommend doing more than two coats of spray paint

because some of  the light comes through the blue.


chevron table November 13, 2012

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i apologize,

i have been so busy the last couple weeks i have neglected my blog!

but i’m back with a finished project!

a few weeks ago i purchased this cute little table that was in rough shape.

it’s hard to see,

but the paint was uneven and the whole thing was covered in dirt and dust.

so i started by wiping off all of the dirt

and then used a spray paint primer.

after a nice coat of primer,

i went at it with a fresh white spray paint.

then it was time to tackle the top.

i absolutely love chevron patterns.

little did i know, however, it would be so hard to paint!

after some trial and error i taped off a decent pattern.

after i taped it all off i was informed that blue tap was not the best and it tends to bleed…

i tried to rectify that by painting a clear medium

(normally used for my fine art paintings)

along the edges of the tape.

this should stop paint from bleeding

and create crisp lines.

then i mixed up some house paint i had lying around with acrylics to get the right color.

once it dried it was time to tear off the tape!

well, my trick didn’t work.

the paint bled pretty bad.

and i still had to free hand the rest of the chevrons…

to complete the top i used a foam brush because of its straight edge.

much easier than using a regular paint brush.

after a few more days it was finally done!!!

i’m fairly happy with it now.

it’s not perfect but it looks cute.

maybe one day i’ll go back and paint the inside of it lime green too.


furniture recycle October 14, 2012

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the bf and i went out to a local pumpkin patch this afternoon to get a few pumpkins to decorate.

i was hoping to write this blog after decorating my pumpkins so i could show them off,

but it wasn’t a real pumpkin patch ūüė¶

this farm had pumpkins shipped in and laid on the ground….


so i just got a small one to be my cat’s pumpkin,

which i’ll decorate later

(yea, i am a crazy cat lady).

they were supposed to have a corn maze as well which i was excited for.

but this is how the corn maze turned out:

it was apparently ruined by the weather

…it hasn’t rained or been windy since june…

now i know,

western washington does halloween 1,000 times better!!

it was a little disappointing,

until i saw this beauty

and the best part was that she was only $35!!!

all wood and ready for me to re-purpose.

i’m probably going to put a cool wallpaper on the top

and maybe repaint some of it.

when i go back to seattle i’ll try to re-sell it.

shouldn’t be hard because it has storage and is super cute!

even sassy loves it.