by Chelsea Johansen

thank you! March 21, 2013

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i just wanted to take a second to say thank you

to all of you who have commented, liked, and followed my blog!

i never thought that this many people

(all 54 follwers! lol)

would be interested in what i have to say and share.

i’m thinking it’s time to take things to the next level with a new layout.

maybe a logo?

and please, if there is anything that YOU want to see on here shoot me an e-mail or comment below!

especially art!

i’d love to tackle new projects if you have ideas.

now, let’s get more follwers!!!


my animals February 28, 2013

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i realized that i haven’t shared a huge part of my life on my blog yet,

and that is my animals!

my whole life i have been an animal lover.

there hasn’t been a single day that i haven’t had at least one pet.

so let me introduce you to my two loves who reside with me at school!


ginger is my mom’s horse,

but she was nice enough to let me keep her in pullman for my junior and senior year

(mom knows she’ll keep me busy and out of trouble :P).

ginger and i barrel race and do western gaming,

but she’s aging,

so once we get back home she’ll become mom’s halter show horse.

she’s one of the sweetest horses i’ve ever known and will let anyone ride her.

maybe she’ll even be my kids’ horse one day!


then there’s:


my little devil.

her cuteness is deceiving.

she’s curious about everything and will get into everything!

as soon as we get a box in the mail she claims it as hers and spends the rest of the day inside of it.

i cannot take enough pictures of her

so here are a few.


maybe i was wrong…

she likes to get into everything except pumpkins 😀

and the strange thing loves to go on road trips and sit in the back seat.


i doubt i’m the only animal enthusiast out there!

how many pets do you have?

do they have funny quirks like sassy?


happy valentine’s day February 14, 2013

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happy valentine’s day everyone!

i know a lot of people, not just single people,

don’t like valentine’s day.

even if you’re in a relationship it seems like everyone is competing to out-do other couples.

kind of ridiculous,

but just remember that today is a day to remind those in your life that you love them!

and it’s a day to count your blessings!

i know i am!

i was woken up this morning by the boyfriend who had a rose in his mouth

and a bouquet and chocolate on the dinning table.

i was also surprised to see that nick’s submission to our university’s facebook page about how we met

had been posted!

the school wanted stories about how couples had met at WSU

so nick wrote up a little thing.

here’s what he wrote:

“Not only was Pullman the place where my parents met, but I also met my wonderful girlfriend, Chelsea Johansen, here at WSU. In spring semester of Sophomore year we met in an art class and also found out that we had an art history class together as well. Over the course of the semester we got to know each other better seeing as we saw each other every day and eventually I started to really like her. I’ve never had too much confidence when it came to asking women out, but when I found out she was into trucks and guns, I figured I shouldn’t let this one slip by so I finally built the courage. Now we have been dating for almost two years, and she is my love and inspiration. I’m positive she’s the one for me! Go Cougs!”

click here to see the post

 _DSC0101-2 _DSC0102-2


rodeo! September 8, 2012

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my bad,

another post not totally related to art,

but i’ll connect it, don’t worry 🙂

last night i went to the lewiston roundup (rodeo)

with my boyfriend and a couple friends.

rodeo is something that i have not written about on this blog yet.

for those of you who know me, it should be a surprise.

since i was 10 years old i have breathed nothing but horses.

i bought my first horse at 15, had a second one by 17,

and now keep my mom’s horse at college with me.

i learned the ins and outs of barrel racing when i was 15

and fell in love with everything rodeo!

since i’ve been in college i have not raced.

i’m a poor college student afterall!

so going to the rodeo last night was bittersweet.

all throughout high school i was determined to go to a college to rodeo.

i could have,

but i was drawn to my university which recently lost its team.

i kept thinking,

i could be doing this right now!

but life isn’t far.

hopefully i can get back to racing once i graduate in may.

until then however,

i can surround myself with rodeo through art.

at the roundup there were multiple prca photographers

(photographers that work for the specific rodeo company).

i could do that!

if i somehow figure out how to afford all of the nice equipment…

so maybe i can’t be a pro photographer right away;

i can paint or draw though.

i remembered a piece that i made for my mom in high school.

it was a pastel drawing of a barrel racer.

nothing spectacular,

but it was fun.

i have not made rodeo art since then.

maybe now is the time to explore that avenue

and reconnect with something that i am so passionate about.

and because it’s gameday: GO COUGS!


work work work August 16, 2012

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im geekin’ out a little

so please forgive me!

but i am so excited to start working!

i went from having no job to potentially having two jobs!!

working in an art gallery was never something i really thought about.

but now that i will be

i could not be more thrilled!

seeing new art come through every few weeks or so

will be exhilarating!

(yea, i really am an art nerd!)

and i even heard that i will be overseeing

warhol’s and rauschenberg’s this fall!!!

ok, so yes, i am only a gallery attendant,

but that means hours of staring at these famous pieces!

what more could a girl want!

and then there’s the second potential job.

the school newspaper.

i have my first assignment tomorrow morning

to go photograph wsu’s convocation.

if all goes well with my first 4 shoots

ill be on the team!

i only wish i had sought out these jobs before my senior year.

this year i expect nothing other than:

eat, sleep, work, and make art!!!

Image © The Ink Society all rights reserved


employed August 8, 2012

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i got a job!

it’s been a long time coming.

only because i’ve been focusing on school

for the past 3 years of course.

i want independence

and it finally feels like i’ve taken a step

in the right direction.

what feels even better is knowing that i will be working in my field: art!

i was lucky enough to get a position at the wsu art gallery.

looks like i’ll be spending practically every second

of the next 9 months before graduation

in the fine art building.

i’m ok with that!


home sweet home July 30, 2012

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just got home from bigfork, montana.

it feels great to be reunited with my animals and my bed!

but anyways,

during this vacation

i was privileged to photograph my first wedding!!

it was extra special

because it was my uncle’s wedding.

i documented the bachelorette party,

the rehearsal, the wedding,

and the reception.

tomorrow i will start editing the hundreds of photos i took

since they have to be done by august 5th.

but for now,

im relaxin’!