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Abstraction, Color…Cont. April 16, 2013

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hey ya’ll! happy tuesday!

i know, it’s hard to get excited about a tuesday,

but i’m happy because i only have one week of class left and i’ll be done with college!!!

anyways, i just wanted to share an update on the purple and yellow abstract piece i posted about last time.

i went back to work on it yesterday

and wished i had kept some of the white background visible.

the color needed to be broken up a little bit and there needed to be a contrasting shape to all of the straight lines.

so, this is what i did:


i’m definitely going to go back to it and strengthen the white,

maybe break it up a little with color.

i’m finding myself unusually dissatisfied with this piece,

so it’s a constant work in progress!

keep checking back to see how it turns out!


abstraction, color, & joan mitchell April 11, 2013

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the other night i watched a film for an art history class

called joan mitchell: portrait of an abstract painter.

it was originally a source for paper i have to write,

but i became so inspired while watching i wanted to leave my comfy bed and go to the studio.

at 9 o’clock at night!

i haven’t had that feeling in a very long time!

i didn’t go to the studio that night,

but i went in the next morning ready to work.

and with color!

as you have seen i have been working with mostly black and white for the last few months,

and after seeing joan mitchell’s magnificent color i had to get my hands on it!


this is the piece that really inspired me.

i love the contrast of purple and yellow and orange

and wanted to try out those colors myself.

here is my version so far:


i haven’t finished quite yet but this is how it’s coming along.

it will look much better once it’s complete and off of the floor!

i highly recommend the film and if you like abstract art at all i think you’ll like it.

to see a trailer you can click here and it will take you to

sadly, i couldn’t find it anywhere for free,

but you can rent it for $3 on amazon.


new piece March 19, 2013

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wow! i haven’t been on my blog in a while!

i was busy preparing for and being on spring break.

not that i went anywhere exciting….

just home.

between that and changing my career track

(i am now studying to become a real estate agent!)

i haven’t had much time to complete any art.

but i did, however, finish a piece for my sister’s birthday.

she has always loved my work and always wants something for her birthday or christmas.

so, i made an abstract piece with her favorite colors:

blue, green, and purple.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with how it turned out

and the frame is amazing!

(thanks to Pottery Barn Teen!)

now to make a set of three for myself 🙂



body paintings January 8, 2013

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yesterday was my last first day of school


i have one more semester of college and i’ll be thrust out into the “real” world.


i can’t wait to graduate,

but i savor every last experience before it all becomes a distant memory

of which i’ll reminisce one day.


this semester i will be taking advanced painting,

which is essentially a graduate student course!

this means that i can work freely on my own projects

and get critiqued whenever i need it.

i want to focus on doing a complete body of work this semester

instead of individual projects.

my idea is to do a series of paintings that are made with different parts of my body.

i was inspired to do this when i took a 20th century art history class.

one of the women we looked at, janine antoni, i believe it was, painted with her hair.

i have been wanting to do this for a long time

and think it would be a different and exciting experience being a part of the painting,

as opposed to being distanced by a paint brush.

and it’s a great excuse to get messy!!

stay tuned for updates and photos of works in progress.

janine antoni 1993


lace painting December 13, 2012

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i finally finished a piece that i first talked about in october!

i wrote about my inspiration in this post.

i was busy with a lot of other projects and school of course,

but it’s done!

here’s how it turned out.

hope you like!

i do.


sorry, once again, for the bad cell pic


chevron table November 13, 2012

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i apologize,

i have been so busy the last couple weeks i have neglected my blog!

but i’m back with a finished project!

a few weeks ago i purchased this cute little table that was in rough shape.

it’s hard to see,

but the paint was uneven and the whole thing was covered in dirt and dust.

so i started by wiping off all of the dirt

and then used a spray paint primer.

after a nice coat of primer,

i went at it with a fresh white spray paint.

then it was time to tackle the top.

i absolutely love chevron patterns.

little did i know, however, it would be so hard to paint!

after some trial and error i taped off a decent pattern.

after i taped it all off i was informed that blue tap was not the best and it tends to bleed…

i tried to rectify that by painting a clear medium

(normally used for my fine art paintings)

along the edges of the tape.

this should stop paint from bleeding

and create crisp lines.

then i mixed up some house paint i had lying around with acrylics to get the right color.

once it dried it was time to tear off the tape!

well, my trick didn’t work.

the paint bled pretty bad.

and i still had to free hand the rest of the chevrons…

to complete the top i used a foam brush because of its straight edge.

much easier than using a regular paint brush.

after a few more days it was finally done!!!

i’m fairly happy with it now.

it’s not perfect but it looks cute.

maybe one day i’ll go back and paint the inside of it lime green too.


leather n lace (or just lace) October 24, 2012

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i am just transitioning into a new painting

and that’s why i haven’t posted anything this week.

today i built a new wood panel,

24″ x 17.5″

as a college student, it is hard to keep producing works

on such a tight budget.

fortunately, a friend gave me a scrap piece of wood

and my teacher gave me wood for the cradle!

so nice!

i have an idea of what i am going to do,

but i’m going to make you wait until it’s done.

i’ll just say that i am definitely going girly!

thanks to these beautiful images found on pinterest.


top right 

bottom left

bottom right