by Chelsea Johansen

Body Paintings-Feet April 9, 2013

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the semester is coming to a close

and so must my paintings.

my semester-long series of body paintings is almost complete!

the last of the works was painted using my feet.

this final piece has been a challenge for me for many reasons.

i wanted to use my feet to offset and compliment my finger painting,

but i didn’t want the piece to look as though i used my feet.

this is because all of my other pieces are quite abstract;

you can’t quite tell what they were painted with.

even though i love footprints,

that’s not what i wanted to show.

so, after some trial and error,

i decided to dip just my toes into paint and smear them against the paper.



and yes, i did it against the wall.

once i was finished,

my boyfriend came in the room and asked why i didn’t just do it on the floor.

i thought about doing that.

but it was predictable.

many people have painted with their feet…

on the floor.

but not me.

i wanted to try something more difficult and something new.

and trust me, it was hard!

it was definitely a test of my balance and flexibility.

as you can see,

i couldn’t quite reach the top of the paper.

so, tomorrow i may rotate it and do some more.

one thing i like about this piece is that the first mark i made

actually made my nail polish come off on the paper.

you can see the faint pink line in the picture below.


so much for black and white. 🙂

as you can imagine,

i made a complete mess walking around with paint on my feet.

i loved the footprints on the floor so i had to make a print for myself.

it’s not apart of the series,

but i love how it looks!!