by Chelsea Johansen

thank you! March 21, 2013

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i just wanted to take a second to say thank you

to all of you who have commented, liked, and followed my blog!

i never thought that this many people

(all 54 follwers! lol)

would be interested in what i have to say and share.

i’m thinking it’s time to take things to the next level with a new layout.

maybe a logo?

and please, if there is anything that YOU want to see on here shoot me an e-mail or comment below!

especially art!

i’d love to tackle new projects if you have ideas.

now, let’s get more follwers!!!


new piece March 19, 2013

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wow! i haven’t been on my blog in a while!

i was busy preparing for and being on spring break.

not that i went anywhere exciting….

just home.

between that and changing my career track

(i am now studying to become a real estate agent!)

i haven’t had much time to complete any art.

but i did, however, finish a piece for my sister’s birthday.

she has always loved my work and always wants something for her birthday or christmas.

so, i made an abstract piece with her favorite colors:

blue, green, and purple.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with how it turned out

and the frame is amazing!

(thanks to Pottery Barn Teen!)

now to make a set of three for myself 🙂



my animals February 28, 2013

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i realized that i haven’t shared a huge part of my life on my blog yet,

and that is my animals!

my whole life i have been an animal lover.

there hasn’t been a single day that i haven’t had at least one pet.

so let me introduce you to my two loves who reside with me at school!


ginger is my mom’s horse,

but she was nice enough to let me keep her in pullman for my junior and senior year

(mom knows she’ll keep me busy and out of trouble :P).

ginger and i barrel race and do western gaming,

but she’s aging,

so once we get back home she’ll become mom’s halter show horse.

she’s one of the sweetest horses i’ve ever known and will let anyone ride her.

maybe she’ll even be my kids’ horse one day!


then there’s:


my little devil.

her cuteness is deceiving.

she’s curious about everything and will get into everything!

as soon as we get a box in the mail she claims it as hers and spends the rest of the day inside of it.

i cannot take enough pictures of her

so here are a few.


maybe i was wrong…

she likes to get into everything except pumpkins 😀

and the strange thing loves to go on road trips and sit in the back seat.


i doubt i’m the only animal enthusiast out there!

how many pets do you have?

do they have funny quirks like sassy?


is it spring yet? February 9, 2013

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i’ve been itching for spring to come!

warm weather, sunshine, and flowers!!

sadly, it’s still snowing here in washington

so i found a way to make spring come early,

and indoors.

they’re called paperwhites!

i know, a lot of people already know about or have these in their homes,

but i’m young and have only been on my own for 4 years,

so i’m still getting into the whole home decor thing.

i bought mine from amazon.

they were really inexpensive and good quality

(which surprised me).

i planted some in this clear vase that is now sitting on the back of my toilet 😛


i put rocks in the bottom for the roots to grab onto,

and i love being able to see them.


once they grew tall enough i tied a ribbon around two so they would stay together and upright.

pretty cute i think.


i also planted some in blue mason jars to put in our other bathroom.

as my friends know, i am totally obsessed with mason jars,

so this was another great way to use them!



i had a lot more bulbs, but sadly found out that they are poisonous to cats…

my bad

(don’t worry, kitty is fine).

i had my other bulbs in my kitchen sitting on top of jars just like this.

i loved this idea because you can watch the roots grow unobstructed.

and i just got bottles at a thrift store for about a dollar each!

hopefully this will give you some inspiration for bringing the outdoors inside

and starting spring a little early.


diy vintage wood stain November 29, 2012

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i was browsing pinterest a while ago

(what’s new)

and came upon a tutorial for making your own vintage wood stain

at home heart craft.

it looks super easy;

all you do is mix vinegar, coffee grounds, and steel wool,

let it sit over night and then rub on your wood surface.

i am going to try it on the edges of a wood block print that my boyfriend, nick, makes.

like these.

(see his post on wood block printing here)

you can use any photo you want,

and they’re great christmas presents!

i’ll be back soon with my finished piece and steps so you can do it yourself!


back-lit holiday canvas November 25, 2012

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with the holidays quickly approaching i wanted to make something to decorate our apartment.

i have been seeing back-lit canvases on the internet and thought it was a great idea.

so here is my attempt at one,

and the process.


canvas {from michael’s; mine is 24″ x 24″}

letter and star stickers {also from michael’s}

spray paint

battery powered christmas lights {and batteries}


measure out three horizontal lines on the canvas so words are straight

and put two faint marks at the top and bottom to indicate the center of the canvas

place letters on measured lines

{my letters wanted to come up so i put magazines on top over night}

put stars in desired places

evenly spray paint the canvas

{i did two coats}

thumb tack christmas lights to edges of canvas

and attach battery pack

all done!

not bad for a first try.

i want to find brighter christmas lights, however,

to better illuminate the words and stars.

i also recommend doing more than two coats of spray paint

because some of  the light comes through the blue.


mini apple pies! November 15, 2012

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last weekend was dad’s weekend at

washington state university.

i wanted to make something special for my dad

since i don’t get to see him often.

what better than his favorite dessert,

apple pie!

i found a recipe for mini apple pies on the little bit funky blog.

these sounded much less daunting since i have never made an apple pie before.

they were quite simple to make,

just a bit time consuming (2 hours).

but the result was fabulous!

i, personally, don’t like apple pie ,

but my dad, boyfriend, and guests loved loved loved them!

the little bit funky blog has a ton of other great recipes as well.

this is the only one i have tried so far,

but i will definitely be making more!

don’t forget the vanilla ice cream!