by Chelsea Johansen

thank you! March 21, 2013

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i just wanted to take a second to say thank you

to all of you who have commented, liked, and followed my blog!

i never thought that this many people

(all 54 follwers! lol)

would be interested in what i have to say and share.

i’m thinking it’s time to take things to the next level with a new layout.

maybe a logo?

and please, if there is anything that YOU want to see on here shoot me an e-mail or comment below!

especially art!

i’d love to tackle new projects if you have ideas.

now, let’s get more follwers!!!


new snow photos January 24, 2013

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last weekend i dug out my camera after over a month break.

the photography class i took in the fall really discouraged me from photographing.

i needed a break for a bit.

and i was plenty busy over christmas!

but i couldn’t avoid taking photos any longer.

at least not when there was snow on the ground!!

pullman in the snow is absolutely beautiful!

rolling white hills in every direction.

here are a few photos i captured before my battery died 😦




they didn’t turn out as great as i hoped.

a little rusty i suppose.

but shooting these photos made me remember why i love photography,

especially landscapes.

check out more of my photography here!

updates on my current painting project will be up soon!


new photography website! January 11, 2013

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hey ya’ll!

i have a brand new photography website!

check it out at

i designed the site with the help of my wonderful boyfriend, nick gourlie,

who put it all together.

he did a fantastic job so go check it out!

and check out his site and blog here.


wood stain update & finished wood block December 11, 2012

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a while ago i posted about a diy vintage wood stain

(which you can see here).

i was so excited to try the wood stain on the edges of a wood block print,

which also happens to be a christmas present for my sister!

i did what the directions said.

combine coffee grounds, steel wool, and white vinegar,

and let sit for at least 24 hours.

the result:


gross looking, huh?

and it didn’t even work 😦

not sure why;

i may have gotten a kind of steel wool that didn’t react well.

this is the slight difference it made after 3 coats:


the top picture has such a defined line

because the stain would not adhere to the wood where a paper label was attached when it was packaged.

so, the type of wood you choose (and how it’s packaged) will make a difference as well.


quite the bummer, but i did salvage the project.

i painted the edges with an off white acrylic.

and let nick do his magic applying the photo to the wood!

here’s the end result:



it’s supposed to look a little vintage and torn up,

which i love,

especially with the right photo, like this!

one christmas present down!

i’ve got another project update on the way,

but probably can’t get it up tomorrow

because i’m going home for christmas!!


diy vintage wood stain November 29, 2012

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i was browsing pinterest a while ago

(what’s new)

and came upon a tutorial for making your own vintage wood stain

at home heart craft.

it looks super easy;

all you do is mix vinegar, coffee grounds, and steel wool,

let it sit over night and then rub on your wood surface.

i am going to try it on the edges of a wood block print that my boyfriend, nick, makes.

like these.

(see his post on wood block printing here)

you can use any photo you want,

and they’re great christmas presents!

i’ll be back soon with my finished piece and steps so you can do it yourself!


photos photos photos! October 11, 2012

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last weekend i was able to take pictures of my beautiful friends!

they helped me out big time by being models for my photo assignment for class.

this was maybe my third time taking portraits

and my first time using external flash.

i’m quite happy with how they turned out.

what do you think?

here are a couple more from my assignment that had to be painting with light and ghosting.


rodeo! September 8, 2012

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my bad,

another post not totally related to art,

but i’ll connect it, don’t worry 🙂

last night i went to the lewiston roundup (rodeo)

with my boyfriend and a couple friends.

rodeo is something that i have not written about on this blog yet.

for those of you who know me, it should be a surprise.

since i was 10 years old i have breathed nothing but horses.

i bought my first horse at 15, had a second one by 17,

and now keep my mom’s horse at college with me.

i learned the ins and outs of barrel racing when i was 15

and fell in love with everything rodeo!

since i’ve been in college i have not raced.

i’m a poor college student afterall!

so going to the rodeo last night was bittersweet.

all throughout high school i was determined to go to a college to rodeo.

i could have,

but i was drawn to my university which recently lost its team.

i kept thinking,

i could be doing this right now!

but life isn’t far.

hopefully i can get back to racing once i graduate in may.

until then however,

i can surround myself with rodeo through art.

at the roundup there were multiple prca photographers

(photographers that work for the specific rodeo company).

i could do that!

if i somehow figure out how to afford all of the nice equipment…

so maybe i can’t be a pro photographer right away;

i can paint or draw though.

i remembered a piece that i made for my mom in high school.

it was a pastel drawing of a barrel racer.

nothing spectacular,

but it was fun.

i have not made rodeo art since then.

maybe now is the time to explore that avenue

and reconnect with something that i am so passionate about.

and because it’s gameday: GO COUGS!