by Chelsea Johansen

Body Paintings-Feet April 9, 2013

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the semester is coming to a close

and so must my paintings.

my semester-long series of body paintings is almost complete!

the last of the works was painted using my feet.

this final piece has been a challenge for me for many reasons.

i wanted to use my feet to offset and compliment my finger painting,

but i didn’t want the piece to look as though i used my feet.

this is because all of my other pieces are quite abstract;

you can’t quite tell what they were painted with.

even though i love footprints,

that’s not what i wanted to show.

so, after some trial and error,

i decided to dip just my toes into paint and smear them against the paper.



and yes, i did it against the wall.

once i was finished,

my boyfriend came in the room and asked why i didn’t just do it on the floor.

i thought about doing that.

but it was predictable.

many people have painted with their feet…

on the floor.

but not me.

i wanted to try something more difficult and something new.

and trust me, it was hard!

it was definitely a test of my balance and flexibility.

as you can see,

i couldn’t quite reach the top of the paper.

so, tomorrow i may rotate it and do some more.

one thing i like about this piece is that the first mark i made

actually made my nail polish come off on the paper.

you can see the faint pink line in the picture below.


so much for black and white. 🙂

as you can imagine,

i made a complete mess walking around with paint on my feet.

i loved the footprints on the floor so i had to make a print for myself.

it’s not apart of the series,

but i love how it looks!!



Body Paintings-Fingers Pt. 2 March 30, 2013

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the fingers painting is all finished!

seeing it completed makes me wish i had stopped sooner than i did

because the circle is looking a little wonky now.

and that bothers me since i’m a perfectionist.

so i’ll probably make some more.

add color.

we’ll see where it goes.


next, however,

is a painting with my feet!

i’ll be starting that next week and talk about it more then.

have a great weekend and a happy easter everyone!!


new piece March 19, 2013

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wow! i haven’t been on my blog in a while!

i was busy preparing for and being on spring break.

not that i went anywhere exciting….

just home.

between that and changing my career track

(i am now studying to become a real estate agent!)

i haven’t had much time to complete any art.

but i did, however, finish a piece for my sister’s birthday.

she has always loved my work and always wants something for her birthday or christmas.

so, i made an abstract piece with her favorite colors:

blue, green, and purple.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with how it turned out

and the frame is amazing!

(thanks to Pottery Barn Teen!)

now to make a set of three for myself 🙂



body paintings January 8, 2013

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yesterday was my last first day of school


i have one more semester of college and i’ll be thrust out into the “real” world.


i can’t wait to graduate,

but i savor every last experience before it all becomes a distant memory

of which i’ll reminisce one day.


this semester i will be taking advanced painting,

which is essentially a graduate student course!

this means that i can work freely on my own projects

and get critiqued whenever i need it.

i want to focus on doing a complete body of work this semester

instead of individual projects.

my idea is to do a series of paintings that are made with different parts of my body.

i was inspired to do this when i took a 20th century art history class.

one of the women we looked at, janine antoni, i believe it was, painted with her hair.

i have been wanting to do this for a long time

and think it would be a different and exciting experience being a part of the painting,

as opposed to being distanced by a paint brush.

and it’s a great excuse to get messy!!

stay tuned for updates and photos of works in progress.

janine antoni 1993


baby shower! December 23, 2012

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this morning i went to a baby shower for my cousin

and wanted to share a couple of the things my mom and i made.

here’s a cute banner i made for baby weston.

great shower decoration and it will go over his changing table when he arrives!


my mom made his first christmas tree full of pacifiers, toys, bibs, and more!


she also made little babies out of diapers, socks, and wash cloths.


fun day with great family!

can’t wait for the little guy to get here!

on another note,

after working on another spray painting project

i decided to make my mark in my mom’s yard.


i’ve always wanted to get in to street art…lol.


p.s. my mom is a husky (BIG rivalry)


wood stain update & finished wood block December 11, 2012

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a while ago i posted about a diy vintage wood stain

(which you can see here).

i was so excited to try the wood stain on the edges of a wood block print,

which also happens to be a christmas present for my sister!

i did what the directions said.

combine coffee grounds, steel wool, and white vinegar,

and let sit for at least 24 hours.

the result:


gross looking, huh?

and it didn’t even work 😦

not sure why;

i may have gotten a kind of steel wool that didn’t react well.

this is the slight difference it made after 3 coats:


the top picture has such a defined line

because the stain would not adhere to the wood where a paper label was attached when it was packaged.

so, the type of wood you choose (and how it’s packaged) will make a difference as well.


quite the bummer, but i did salvage the project.

i painted the edges with an off white acrylic.

and let nick do his magic applying the photo to the wood!

here’s the end result:



it’s supposed to look a little vintage and torn up,

which i love,

especially with the right photo, like this!

one christmas present down!

i’ve got another project update on the way,

but probably can’t get it up tomorrow

because i’m going home for christmas!!


diy vintage wood stain November 29, 2012

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i was browsing pinterest a while ago

(what’s new)

and came upon a tutorial for making your own vintage wood stain

at home heart craft.

it looks super easy;

all you do is mix vinegar, coffee grounds, and steel wool,

let it sit over night and then rub on your wood surface.

i am going to try it on the edges of a wood block print that my boyfriend, nick, makes.

like these.

(see his post on wood block printing here)

you can use any photo you want,

and they’re great christmas presents!

i’ll be back soon with my finished piece and steps so you can do it yourself!