by Chelsea Johansen

new art, new attitude August 29, 2012

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now that classes have started again

i am starting to paint!

this morning i went and picked up my canvas.

all daunting 6 ft of it!

this will be the biggest painting i’ve done thus far!!

it is also going to be what i call

my first “emotional painting”.

by that i mean,

my inspiration is how i have been feeling as of late:



and tired of being a people pleaser.

i am not so worried about how this painting will look

in the end.

for me,

it is about the process.

i want it to be a therapeutic work.

and if you don’t like it.

i don’t care.

(ahh that feels good!)

*pics coming soon*


work work work August 16, 2012

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im geekin’ out a little

so please forgive me!

but i am so excited to start working!

i went from having no job to potentially having two jobs!!

working in an art gallery was never something i really thought about.

but now that i will be

i could not be more thrilled!

seeing new art come through every few weeks or so

will be exhilarating!

(yea, i really am an art nerd!)

and i even heard that i will be overseeing

warhol’s and rauschenberg’s this fall!!!

ok, so yes, i am only a gallery attendant,

but that means hours of staring at these famous pieces!

what more could a girl want!

and then there’s the second potential job.

the school newspaper.

i have my first assignment tomorrow morning

to go photograph wsu’s convocation.

if all goes well with my first 4 shoots

ill be on the team!

i only wish i had sought out these jobs before my senior year.

this year i expect nothing other than:

eat, sleep, work, and make art!!!

Image © The Ink Society all rights reserved


ideas brewing August 14, 2012

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i saw this video a while ago

and it got me thinking.

i’m tired of creating the same old art.

i’m tired of painting on canvas,

drawing on paper,

and photographing the things people supposedly want to see.

i’ve tried to be original by creating abstract art.

once i get one abstract idea in my head,

it grows like branches on a tree,

and before i know it i have 20 new ideas.

that is exactly what happened when i watched phil hansen’s talk.

his blurb on destruction really caught my attention.

like why have i never thought of these things!

so now, i have new ideas.

i have grand ideas!

stay tuned to see if i can accomplish them…


employed August 8, 2012

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i got a job!

it’s been a long time coming.

only because i’ve been focusing on school

for the past 3 years of course.

i want independence

and it finally feels like i’ve taken a step

in the right direction.

what feels even better is knowing that i will be working in my field: art!

i was lucky enough to get a position at the wsu art gallery.

looks like i’ll be spending practically every second

of the next 9 months before graduation

in the fine art building.

i’m ok with that!


photos up! August 4, 2012

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photos from my uncle’s wedding

last weekend are up!

click here

to see all of the pics.

not all of them are mine.

my boyfriend,

nick gourlie,

and i collaborated.

i’m happy they’re done.

i hope everyone likes them 🙂