by Chelsea Johansen

leather n lace (or just lace) October 24, 2012

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i am just transitioning into a new painting

and that’s why i haven’t posted anything this week.

today i built a new wood panel,

24″ x 17.5″

as a college student, it is hard to keep producing works

on such a tight budget.

fortunately, a friend gave me a scrap piece of wood

and my teacher gave me wood for the cradle!

so nice!

i have an idea of what i am going to do,

but i’m going to make you wait until it’s done.

i’ll just say that i am definitely going girly!

thanks to these beautiful images found on pinterest.


top right 

bottom left

bottom right


ink art October 17, 2012

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in a september post

i wrote that i wanted to use alcohol ink on plexiglass.

i finally got to today!

this is how it turned out:

sorry for the bad cell pic.

i’ll get a much better photo soon!

trust me it looks amazing in person.

the inks didn’t react exactly how i thought they would.

i had to do a lot of tilting the glass to get the ink to spread

and i will be cutting off about an inch of the left side

because it didn’t turn out too great.

i think i’ll try to do more in different color combinations.

i am in ❤ with this style.

this would look fantastic hanging where the light can shine through it!

i’m open to commissions for these!

shouldn’t be too expensive.


furniture recycle October 14, 2012

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the bf and i went out to a local pumpkin patch this afternoon to get a few pumpkins to decorate.

i was hoping to write this blog after decorating my pumpkins so i could show them off,

but it wasn’t a real pumpkin patch 😦

this farm had pumpkins shipped in and laid on the ground….


so i just got a small one to be my cat’s pumpkin,

which i’ll decorate later

(yea, i am a crazy cat lady).

they were supposed to have a corn maze as well which i was excited for.

but this is how the corn maze turned out:

it was apparently ruined by the weather

…it hasn’t rained or been windy since june…

now i know,

western washington does halloween 1,000 times better!!

it was a little disappointing,

until i saw this beauty

and the best part was that she was only $35!!!

all wood and ready for me to re-purpose.

i’m probably going to put a cool wallpaper on the top

and maybe repaint some of it.

when i go back to seattle i’ll try to re-sell it.

shouldn’t be hard because it has storage and is super cute!

even sassy loves it.


more mason jars October 13, 2012

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finished another mason jar project today.

i think it looks better than the ugly plastic soap dispensers.

and check out my portfolio page to see my paintings for sale!


photos photos photos! October 11, 2012

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last weekend i was able to take pictures of my beautiful friends!

they helped me out big time by being models for my photo assignment for class.

this was maybe my third time taking portraits

and my first time using external flash.

i’m quite happy with how they turned out.

what do you think?

here are a couple more from my assignment that had to be painting with light and ghosting.


cell phone art? October 7, 2012

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(google images)

on this beautiful fall sunday my boyfriend and i walked around town

while we waited for a table to open up at a little breakfast place.

we stopped in at a small art gallery that i have been wanting to go to.

the exhibit was great.

paintings, mixed media, video,

the works.

until i stopped to look at a photograph.

my eyes widened and my mouth dropped open.

in this photo i could see the faint reflection of the photographer.

and. her. iphone.

i was shocked and quite frankly pissed to see her using her cell phone

to take these photos that hung in a nice fine art gallery.

i have learned over the last four years of taking art history classes

that art can be anything you call art.

it can be a single line on a piece of paper,

it can look like something a kindergartner made.

as long as you label it as art,

it is just that.

but as an aspiring photographer,

i could not help but be sincerely ticked off.

why am i bothering to learn all of the tricks of the trade

if i can just use my cell phone!

let alone spend my money on expensive equipment!

the reason i wanted to write about this is because

i want to know if anyone else feels the same way as me.

if you don’t, tell me why.


fall is here! October 6, 2012

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i finally finished making a couple of the diy halloween lanterns

that i shared a couple posts ago (click here to see).

this is how they turned out!

wish i had a better photo but i like this one

because sassy cat decided she wanted to be in it,

but couldn’t sit still 🙂

the orange one in the middle i painted a little too thickly;

the light doesn’t come through as well as the other two.

today, i also tried out a new recipe for white hot chocolate,

also called snow cocoa!

i found the recipe on happy home fairy.

incredibly easy and my roommate and boyfriend loved it!


2 cups whipping cream

6 cups milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

12 oz package white chocolate chips (i used ghiradelli)


put all ingredients in a slow cooker

heat on low for 2 hours or until all of the chocolate chips are melted

stir to blend and enjoy!